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Magical Halloween Fantasy Portrait Experiences for Kids, Adults & Pets

Do you remember the magic of Halloween as a child? The thrill of dressing up, the smell of autumn in the air, and the candy—oh, the endless candy! Now, you look at your little ones and see mermaids, budding wizards, daring adventurers, or fairy princesses. We see that, too! So why not take their pretend […]

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Cohesive Earth-Toned Home Gallery

After exploring earth tones in clothing and accessories in preparation for your Fall Portrait Session, I encourage you to consider what you would like to do with the beautiful portraits of your family, child, or yourself after choosing your favorites. If your answer is printing and displaying them in your home, you’re on the right […]

The Art of Styling with Earth Tones: Your Ultimate Guide to Timeless Portrait Elegance

This is the time of year when many families start thinking about Fall Family Portrait Sessions. So let’s talk about something we’re absolutely in love with – Earth Tones. Why do they make any photograph instantly enchanting? Because they’re nature’s own color palette! 🎨 Envision the mossy greens, rustic browns, and soft beiges like more […]

Magical Fantasy Portraits Explained

At ArtCafe Photography, we specialize in fine art fantasy portraiture, where we bring your dreams to life through our magical artistry. Whether you’re a child or a child at heart, our studio is dedicated to fulfilling your unique needs and capturing the essence of your imagination in stunning, one-of-a-kind portraits. We believe everyone deserves their […]

Why and How to take your own photos this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day weekend is upon us. Flowers, chocolates, brunch or dinner reservations, etc., come to mind when we think about gifts. While all of these are appreciated, I encourage you to celebrate by making memories this weekend and capturing them in photos. Make it a point to exist in photographs.  As moms, we are usually […]

Child Entrepreneur – Tucker

The world is changing fast, and with it, the way children grow up. As a result, more and more of them are interested in becoming their own boss – a child entrepreneur. What is a child entrepreneur? They’re kids who have identified an opportunity within their community or industry and then taken action to build […]

2023 Themed Sessions Calendar

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your child or a fun family outing? Look no further. We have a year of adventures planned for you! Please keep checking back throughout the year for possible date changes. Also, we’ll add lots of Holiday themes to the calendar for the second half of the year. […]

Become an ArtCafe VIP

Today, we want to introduce you to our all-new ArtCafe VIP Membership. Whether you are already part of our ArtCafe family or are thinking about your very first session with us, check out what we have to offer for our VIPs. Since one size doesn’t fit all, you’ll have the option to choose between THREE […]

Christmas Traditions Sessions

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it can be easy to forget the magic of Christmas. Don’t let that happen! As an alternative to our Fine Art Santa Sessions, we offer a session that concentrates on some of the traditions you might have grown up with and now introduce to your children […]