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Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! We specialize in fine art fantasy portraiture tailored to your unique
needs. Kerstin goes beyond just taking photographs. She creates enchanting and
immersive experiences that bring your dreams to life. We understand that every
person has their own vision and imagination, and we’re here to ensure that your
portraits reflect the essence of your individuality. But we also make sure to hold
your hand throughout the whole process so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Our clients are families and individuals who share a love for imagination, fantasy,
and the art of storytelling. We work with maternity clients, children, teenagers,
adults, couples, and families who want to capture the fleeting magic of their
We also work with art enthusiasts who appreciate storytelling, artistry, and
craftsmanship, as well as businesses and brands.
People seeking unique and meaningful gifts for special occasions like birthdays,
anniversaries, or holidays are also drawn to what we offer.

We believe in collaboration and understanding your vision. When you choose
ArtCafe Photography, we’ll take the time to sit down with you and truly listen to
your dreams and desires. We’ll discuss the concept, the characters, the outfit
options, and the world you want to step into and craft a custom-made fantasy
portrait that will exceed your expectations.

Not at all! We believe that dreams and imagination have no expiration date. Our
studio welcomes clients of all ages who wish to embrace the enchantment of
fantasy portraiture. Whether you’re expecting a baby, documenting your child’s
fleeting childhood dreams, want to go on an adventure as a family or by yourself,
or want to organize a memorable and fun business outing, we’re here to capture
your unique magic and create stunning portraits that you’ll treasure forever.

It depends on the type of session. Each photography session is tailored to meet

your individual needs and vision. Generally, a fantasy session can range from 30 to
60 minutes, and Christmas and seasonal sessions last about an hour. We want to
ensure that every detail is perfect and that you have a memorable and enjoyable
experience throughout the entire process. Keep in mind that the photography part
is just one piece of the puzzle.

Absolutely! We welcome your creativity and personal touch. If you have props or
costumes that hold a special meaning or are integral to your vision, feel free to
bring them along. We’ll work together to incorporate your unique items into the
portrait, making it even more personal and meaningful.
You will also find a large client closet at our studio filled with beautiful dresses and
gowns. We will choose the best options during our pre-session chat.

It’s completely normal for some family members to feel hesitant about taking
pictures, but capturing cherished memories is an essential part of preserving the
special moments we share as a family. Since we focus on creating natural and
heartfelt images, you don’t need to worry about everyone staring at the camera
and smiling. Most of our sessions are interactive experiences where everyone has
some control over the process. In our relaxed environment, everyone will feel at
ease and have fun during the session.

We only use themed and decorated setups for Christmas and some seasonal
sessions. Most of our work is composite artwork, where we dream, collaborate,
and get creative together. You can read more HERE.

Yes and no. Our Santa is a real Santa, and your child will join him in his cozy
workshop. Through storytelling, make-believe, and interaction, we achieve the
heartwarming expressions of wonder on your child’s face. It is a 1-hour experience
like no other for the whole family. No lines, no rush.

We understand that children can sometimes feel overwhelmed or shy in new
situations, especially during special sessions like our Santa adventure. Through
patience and understanding, gentle interaction, and distraction and play, we will
do everything possible to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment for your
Our Santa sessions are very different from your regular Christmas Mini Sessions.
You’ll spend an hour at the studio, which gives your child plenty of time to adjust
to their surroundings. Our sessions are fun and interactive experiences – we make
it all about play instead of “smile for the camera.”

Yes! We adore furry friends and understand that they are cherished members of
your family. We welcome your pets to join in on the fun and be a part of your
portrait session or go on their very own adventure.

Our work goes beyond traditional photography. We are proud to offer a unique
blend of digital artistry and photographic expertise, transforming your
photographs into stunning art pieces.
While we offer digital files with any purchased product as a convenient option, we
wholeheartedly believe in the beauty and importance of printed art. Our studio is
dedicated to creating tangible treasures to be displayed and cherished for
generations by collaborating with trusted printing partners who share our
commitment to excellence.
We offer a variety of high-quality printing options. From stunning framed prints on
various media to beautifully crafted books that tell your story, we’re here to ensure
that your cherished memories are preserved in physical form.
We invite you to explore the delight of holding your portraits in your hands, feeling
the texture of the paper, and experiencing the magic up close.

Investing in our artwork means not just purchasing a photograph or a digitally
painted portrait. You are receiving a cherished memory, an heirloom that will evoke
emotions and spark conversations. Our images capture the fleeting dreams of
childhood, the wonder of imagination, and the beauty of self-expression.

The true worth of our artwork lies in the impact it has on your life and the lives of
those who admire it. It is a window into your unique story. Few things will have
more value in your family than a heirloom portrait.
Our pricing is a reflection of the exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and attention
to detail that goes into every piece. The investment in art of your family is a
personal decision and depends on your needs. Print pricing at our studio starts at
$250. Most families spend between $2000 and $6000 on sessions with us.

We understand that investing in precious memories may require financial planning.
We are committed to making our work accessible to all families who wish to create
lasting treasures. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the magic
of our photography and artistry, and we will work closely with you to tailor a
payment plan that allows you to create beautiful artwork while staying within your
financial comfort zone.

Booking a session is easy! Simply reach out to us via phone or email, and we will
guide you through the process. You can also click the “Book Your Dream Session”
button below. We’ll discuss your vision, answer any additional questions you may
have, and find a convenient date and time that works best for you. We can’t wait to
go on this magical journey together!