If I wasn’t a photographer, I would probably own a cute little coffee shop where people could sit down, relax, and enjoy the moment…But you’ll find that that’s exactly what I’m trying to achieve in my studio!

We’ll sit down with a cup of coffee and talk while the kids have fun in our play area. Then we’ll move on to taking some amazing photographs. After all, that’s the reason you came here.

You’ll hear me say over and over again that I would love for you to have artwork of your family in your home. Why? I really believe printed photographs help families keep their history alive. It’s a way to show your children how much you love them. When you walk by those images in your home, your heart will skip a beat. Time goes by so fast, but you’ll find these smiles of love and joy just as precious as they were that day. Images like that can always get you through the tougher days, but also remind you that there are more memories to make and cherish.